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Black Bear Hunt

Northern Ontario, truly a hunter’s paradise.

Millions of square miles of wilderness provide the ideal environment for one of the most valued trophy animals on the North American continent – The Black Bear.

Black Bear, without question, are one of the most valued big game animals on the North American continent. The Black Bear population has exploded dramatically since Ontario closed the spring season in 1998.

Ontario reopened it’s spring season in 2016, adding more opportunities along with the traditional fall bear hunting season. Yet even now the bear polulation is expanding, while Ontario continues to limit the number of hunters.

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Rare opportunity for one bear hunter

due to a cancellation in the week of May 25th thru June 1st.
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We at Flint Wilderness Resort have over 30 years experience hunting Black Bears in both Canada and the USA. We maintain a vast exclusive hunting area in Ontario’s prime bear country. This provides our hunters with the very best opportunity to bag a once in a lifetime trophy Black Bear.

At Flint Wilderness Resort you will enjoy:

  • Complete six day baited hunt
  • Full guide service
  • Complete fishing package
  • Deluxe accommodations – Your modern lakeside cottage will include bathroom, electric refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee pot, etc.
  • Exceptional personal service

Fishing Bonus

The fishing, featuring Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch can be described in no way, other than “World Class”. So, we invite you to spend a week with us in this hunting paradise and let us help in making your hunting and fishing dreams come true.


We at Flint Wilderness Resort have the experience, resources and desire to help you enjoy the Northern Ontario hunting and fishing vacation of your dreams.

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2020 Trips Available

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