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For Jake’s first Black Bear hunt he did a great job. For a first time hunt it is highly recommended that you choose an outfitter like Flint Wilderness Resort. They offer the experience and knowledge it takes to be successful.

Hunting Black Bears with a rifle is difficult. Hunting with a crossbow makes it more difficult. Rick came up to the challenge and took deadly aim on a beautiful Canadian Black Bear with great success. Rick and his wife Melanie both went home with trophy Black Bears. Congratulations!!

Hunting Black Bears is a thrill. Hunting Black Bears for the first time is extreme. Justin experienced his first Black Bear hunt and it was a thrill of a life time. As the day starts to fade and the bears start to move you never know what is going to happen. Justin kept his cool when a huge bear appeared in front of him. With his 450 Bush Master he took careful aim to take down this trophy bear.

Cross Bow hunter bags a trophy Black Bear on her first Black Bear hunt. Melanie was thrilled when she spotted this trophy Black Bear working his way through the forest. With the crossbow cocked and ready Melanie slips off the safety. After watching this magnificent Black Bear she decided to squeeze the trigger a place the bolt exactly where it belonged. Melanie proved her self to be an excellent big game hunter.

While Black Bear hunting at Flint Wilderness Resort Todd, his two boy’s and there friend all bagged out with bears. Congratulations!

Black Bear Hunting in Northern Ontario on her 16th birthday Lindsey bags this 300 lb Black Bear. For lindsey’s first big game hunt ever she really did a great job. By listening to the guide’s at Flint Wilderness Resort and keeping a hunters eye sharp it all payed off. Happy Birthday Lindsey!!

Jim bagged a beautiful black bear in Northern Ontario at Flint Wilderness Resort

Rare opportunity for one bear hunter
in the week of May 25th thru June 1st.

A special message from Master Guide Hank Goodman on April 1 …

We have a limited number of bear hunts each year, and they get booked up fast.

But life happens, and sometimes one hunter’s cancellation gives another hunter a great opportunity.

Call us now to grab your spot.