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What to bring

June 26th, 2011

We thought we would put together a video on some of the things you should bring while fishing at Flint Wilderness Resort.  These are items and lures that have been proven useful over the 21 years since we have owned this wonderful fishing resort.  I hope this helps plan your next fishing trip with us. If you have any questions please call on us.  Bert

During the week of June 4-11, 2011 the guests at Flint Wilderness Resort enjoyed another week of excellent fishing in the Canadian great outdoors. A number of the guests ventured off to some of our remote lakes for some wilderness fishing. Hank and I ventured off to our outpost on Flint Lake to get it ready for a group of fishermen for the next week. Take a look at the video and see what your missing. Give us a call so we can help you experience what we live every day.
Looking forward to fishing with you. Bert

The week of May 28- June 4th offered some challenges with gale force winds and 3 days of power outages.  We had to be creative on our Tuesday’s hog roast with camp stoves, and baked beans and other dishes cooked on the grill. Despite the weather we had a great hog roast.  When the winds were over and the sun shined the fish started biting.  Some folks fished the remote lakes, and some stayed right on Klotz Lake.  Take a look at the video and check out all of the excitement.

We have started the 2011 fishing season with a bang.  With a full house, the fishermen enjoyed catching lots of excellent Walleye and Northern Pike.  We had groups that have been visiting us for the last 30 years and folks that were first time guests.  It was a pleasure helping them enjoy a Canadian fishing trip. Take a look at this weeks video and see the action at Flint Wilderness Resort. We look forward to fishing with you in the future. Bert

For all of you early arrivals we put together a little video clip of Klotz Lake on May 7, 2011 to show the conditions of the lake. We are predicting the ice to be gone on May 8, 2011. This is winding up to be a very good spring to start our 2011 fishing season. We look forward to seeing all of you this year. If you have not yet booked a fishing trip with Flint Wilderness Resort please give us a call so that we can help you enjoy a Canadian fishing trip of a lifetime.
Thank you, Bert

Black Bear Den Slide Show

April 21st, 2011

In late March, Hank and I had the privilege of going with Maine’s bear biologist Randy Cross and his assistants to visit a black bear den in the North Maine Woods. The bears name was called Lugnut and she had 3 male cubs with her. Randy and his crew where true professionals. They took data from the bears so that they can keep track of one of Maine’s true treasures, the Maine Black Bear.

Maine Black Bear Den

April 5th, 2011

It has been a long winter and it is coming to an end. Hank and I had the privilege to participate in Maine’s Black Bear Study program. It is the longest and most extensive black bear study on the North American Continent.  The world renown black bear biologist, Randy Cross along with biologist Lisa Bates and Matt O’Neil guided us on a 8 mile snow shoe trek to visit a sow bear named Lugnut with 3 male cubs.  Maine’s black bears are very fortunate to have such dedicated and talented professionals looking after them. Take a look at the video we put together and you will see what I mean.

During the week of Aug 15-21 2010, Flint Wilderness Resort put on one of the most exciting Black Bear Hunts that I have ever been involved in with 26 years of experience guiding Black Bear hunters.  This hunting package includes a fully guided Black Bear hunt, along with boat, motor, accommodations and all of your gas.  Between the hunting and fishing it makes for a true wilderness experience.  Enjoy the video of the 2010 Flint Wilderness Resort Black Bear hunt, and we will hope to see you in the future.  You can visit us on the web at www.flintwildernessresort.com for more information.

I thought I would take the time of August 7-14th to show all you Northern Pike Fisherman out there the proper way to fillet the Great Northern Pike. There are several ways of getting the Y-bone out of the Northern Pike, but several methods are cumbersome and wasteful of meat. The way that I’ll be showing you in this video will leave your fillet in one big fillet steak.

I hope you enjoy!